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Azores "A Secret Oasis in the Middle of the Atlantic
1st to 8th October 2022

Imagine enjoying a drink in a thermal pool,swaying majestic tropical ferns, the gurgling of mineral-rich water, a gentle breeze delights your senses with the scent of blooming hydrangeas.....’s the end of an incredible day spent experiencing the soothing spirit of these tranquil islands and their uplifting rejuvenating energy that fills you with radiant vitality while the salty, clean winds treat you to the world’s best free facials.

You laugh with new friends, sharing your adventures from your whale watching zodiac tour along the coast and Jeep Safari around Sete Citadels - a jade Crater Lake one of Portugal’s seven natural wonders. You feel this is where you belong. You enjoy the feeling of complete wellbeing that flows through your body knowing that your life has taken a significant turn for the better.  

Pain Relief, Yoga Retreat, Spa Breaks

Rejuvenating Health Adventures In Azores 

Taking Action Towards A Healthy, Radiant & Motion-Rich Life

If you are feeling run down, sluggish, suffer from minor digestive issues, have achy joints, mood swings, skin rashes and maybe even have food sensitivities, then join Susanne for a healing, pampering

and fun-filled holiday of a lifetime in the Azores.

...are you longing to optimise your health, strengthen your immune system and and get rid of those annoying 'health issues', so you are ready to take on the world in all kinds of ways.

Well, get ready then, because during our sojourn in the Azores you will be indulging in some genuinely effective and amazing break-through therapies in beautiful natural surroundings making you feel more alive and vibrant than you’ve felt in years!


...would love to let go of everything knowing you are in good hands while relaxing in thermal springs in a leading Spa hotel surrounded by beautiful nature.

It’s yours, during your time with me in the Azores, you will be spending 6 days in the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel surrounded by people who will look after your every need. Set against a backdrop of lush green tropical mountains, the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is an unforgettable experience where you can recharge like in no other place with people you can trust.


...would love to work with breakthrough space technology that has a profound healing effect on the body. 


Oh trust me, I know what you are talking about! No worries, at the end of the retreat, you will be able to apply protocols across the entire body working with high-tech space technology you thought existed in movies only. 


..can’t wait to be more active again practicing your favorite hobbies like when you were younger.

Gear up then to embrace a unique but gentle postural alignment, fitness and strengthening program used by many athletes, golfers and coaches in the US to live your life to the fullest.

Ah...the Health Retreat in Azores, let me tell you more. It is the PERFECT place to spend 7 wondrous days if you ... 

So why should you join me now?  Because….


”By the end of this retreat with it's bespoke immune boosting program coupled with exciting inner and outer adventures in the pristine nature of the Azores, you will have been given the tools to lead a radiant, healthy and active life.  All this while you relax with newly made friends in thermal pools, see whales and dolphins as you cruise the beautiful coastline on a fun boat trip and discover volcanic crater lakes, tropical forests, and secluded beaches.”

Pain Relief,Yoga Retreat,Spa Breaks
Pain Relief,Yoga Retreat,Spa Breaks
Pain Relief,Yoga Retreat,Spa Breaks
Pain Relief,Yoga Retreat,Spa Breaks
Pain Relief,Yoga Retreat,Spa Breaks
Pain Relief,Yoga Retreat,Spa Breaks
Pain Relief,Yoga Retreat,Spa Breaks

Ah, the Azores, you have missed out on life if you haven’t been there yet.  They are one of my favorite places on this planet.  I love them because they are an unspoiled natural wonder right in the middle of the Atlantic.


The air is so crisp and clean, and they are abundant in unusual flora and fauna and mineral-rich thermal spas.  The islands even produce their own natural carbonated water from the mountains. 


The people are wholesome, generous and kind, eager to accommodate your every need.  Nature just flourishes there and so will you.  This is where parts of Jurassic Park and David Attenborough’s Blue Planet were filmed. 

You will see gigantic ferns and ginger plants the locals pick and cook their food with.  And the sea around the Azores is a safe haven for whales who meet there to mate and bring up their offspring. 


Take the plunge with me and swim with wild dolphins - no worries, I have done it and it is safe - and experience a life-altering frequency change.


I love the rare and timeless nature of the Azores while the continuing restless volcanic activity fills you with positive vibrant energy.

Pain Relief, Yoga Retreat, Spa Breaks, Azores

Why the Azores to become to boost your immunity and recover

your health and vitality? 

Wow, and where will we be staying?


Your home for seven fabulous nights and 7 days is going to be in the beautiful city of Furnas in Sao Miguel Island where relishing the charming décor of the Art Deco Terra Nostra Garden Hotel. You’ll feel like you’ve found a secret oasis that only YOU know about.

Furnas is a place of breathtaking beauty where one finds the largest concentration of warm waters in Europe. The perfect spot to unwind, leave the stress behind and connect to nature.


The hotel itself is a little slice of heaven surrounded by Furnas stunning nature and botanical garden, the spa area is divine, and treatments help you forget the troubles of the world. It is a beautiful hotel that has won many travel awards that blends in with its natural environment. The restaurant offers a great variety of fresh delicious food, and the staff will see to your every need.


There is magical energy about this place in the middle of the Atlantic that will inspire you and your imagination and get you away from your desk or sofa. 

Let’s get this straight right from the start – Azorean food is yummy - especially if you are hungry, the portions are just massive - and is an experience in itself. It is native to the Azores Islands and is based on the healthy Mediterranean diet and local delicacies.


It is a rich, hearty, style of cooking and its flavors sing of seafood and herbal stews. It nourishes the soul with the warm comfort of things that are close to one’s heart: aromas, textures, colors, flavors, melodies, sensations, stories... all life’s familiar ingredients that make us truly happy.

You will be following a yummy elimination diet while at the retreat that cuts out certain inflammatory foods, so you can build up immunity.  Having a strong immune system is all about having a healthy gut microbiome and this is one of the things you will learn at the retreat.  Rest assured, you will certainly not go hungry or miss out on those nourishing aromas and flavours.


And don’t worry, if you are Vegetarian, you will be treated with fresh salads, rice with local vegetables and gratins all with herbs from aromatic garden.


The Cuisine.........

To start with, no trip to Azores would be complete without indulging in a traditional spa and thermal springs next to our fabulous hotel.

Embark on a unique sensorial journey through the power of the famous Furnas thermal spring waters “Quente das Quenturas” and the experienced hands of our hotel's massage therapists who are dedicated to delivering the best massages, body, face treatments and scrubs.

And we can’t forget activities ranging from a zodiac tour along the coastline watching whales and maybe swimming with dolphins, visiting Europe’s only organic pineapple and tea plantation, volcanic caves & grottos, going for a walk around the jaded crater lake of Sete Citadels or anything else your heart desires.

I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be seeing yet, this all depends on your preferences, but the choice is yours!

And yup – don’t worry, you’ll also have some time to yourself when you may want to go for a golf play, biking, canyoning, kayaking, paddleboarding, jeep tour or maybe just a bit more therapy in our hotel’s beautiful Spa.

PLUS: No retreat in the Azores can be complete without a picnic and barbecue at one of the many outdoor grills overlooking the beauty and vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Delights.........

Through a bespoke immune boosting program, you will be given the tools to lead a healthy, radiant and active life. You will put into practice and be able to pick my brains on how to achieve and maintain optimal health and fitness levels.  The program includes:

  • Find Your Healing Frequency is about getting and learning therapy with proven space-technology (biofeedback) devices that reduce pain instantly, tackle inflammation, detox your body and relax you, so you sleep well at night. 

  • Digest Yourself To Health aims to establish optimal gut function and maximize absorption of minerals and vitamins through a healthy gut microbiome. If you feel run down there is inflammation, made worse through the inflammatory foods you eat.

  • Rapid Recovery Movement  will align, rebalance and strengthen your musculoskeletal system and optimise organ position.  This is the foundation for experiencing lasting relief from chronic joint pain.  We will do gentle exercises and stretches every day.

  • Breathe Your Pain Away will deal with the ultimate life source: "Breathing".  You will learn different breathing techniques to maximise oxygen levels in your blood which will energize you and fight inflammation.

  • Lifetime Success Strategies is about helping you make those every day lifestyle changes, particularly in the kitchen and the home, so you can live a healthy life and prevent disease.

Freddy Front_edited.jpg

We will watch movies - fiction as well as documentary - to further your understanding of what you have learned and experienced during day - that will give you purpose and inspire you to undertake those necessary life-style changes you have been putting on a back burner.

Just explain to me in detail what the health-side of programme is all about.........

This unmissable retreat experience was specifically designed for YOU to combine the ultimate in pampering immune boosting holiday coupled with outdoor and social activities so you can lead a

HEALTHY, RADIANT and ACTIVE life for good.


What's Included?

  • Pre-trip consultation call

  • Pre-trip food assessment to determine main inflammatory foods in your diet 

  • Pre-trip and postural alignment analysis and development of exercise plan with links to videos

  • Our welcome party with music and hors d’oeuvres, so we all get to know each other

  • 5 x space technology group lessons learning over 30 immune boosting protocols

  • 5 x breathing group session

  • 5 x postural alignments group sessions.

  • 1 x Scenar Sport D device with electrodes you can then take home.

  • Five deep-dive health sessions in the morning with lots of juicy retreat conversations all week

  • 2 x massages of your choice

  • 1 x session of biochemical testing to determine the cause of you feeling run down. 

  • 7 nights boutique accommodation at the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

  • 7 delicious breakfasts at the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

  • Four scrumptious dinners at the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

  • One dinner at Tony’s tasting the Cozida das Furnas and one at a place of your choice

  • Our Farewell Dinner at a restaurant of your choice

  • Six light but nourishing lunches

  • 3 half-day activities with the group - you chose

  • Entrance fees to any sites we visit together

  • Unlimited spa experience either in the Hotel or at Furnas’ beautifully terraced thermal springs

  • Cooking adventure at the volcanic springs

  • 3 movie nights and group discussions

  • Our Farewell Dinner at a restaurant of your choice

  • There will be three airport pickups on day one and three airport drop off’s on day eight included (we can arrange pickup at an extra charge if you arrive at an odd time).

  • 3 follow-up session once your are back home and lifetime access to the online portal Digital Healing in the Digital Age.


What’s Not-Included: