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Elixir of Life Retreat In Egypt

 29th Oct to 5th Nov 2022

If you want to live a long and healthy life, then join Susanne for a rejuvenating and jaw-dropping holiday of a lifetime at

the Red Sea in Egypt.

Image by Simon Berger

Visualise a candle-light dinner on a golden sandy beach underneath a crystal clear starry sky enjoying the best of Middle Eastern & International cuisine.  The scent of blooming Yasmine is delighting your senses.  In the background you can hear the gentle breaking of waves whilst a beautiful yellow moon rises behind the warm red mountains of Southern Egypt.  Yes you have stepped into paradise…..’s the end of an amazing day spent in the land of the Pharaohs experiencing the best of Egyptian culture, generosity and hospitality.  You laugh with new friends, and share your adventures from your cruise in azure blue waters where you explored luscious reefs and their colourful marine life.  


You enjoy the feeling of complete happiness and wellbeing that flows through your body knowing that your life has taken a turn for the better.

A Table Set up for a romantic meal on th

Ahh.. my retreat in Egypt, it's the perfect place if you....

Image by Leonardo Ramos

...want to look younger, fitter, slimmer and feel full of energy longer.


Oh trust me, I know what you are talking about! No worries, at the end of the retreat, you will not only feel recharged, but also fully understand what you need to do physiologically and psychologically to look and feel great.

...would love to let go of everything knowing you are in good hands while relaxing in the warm waters of the Red Sea surrounded by golden sandy beaches and some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.


It’s yours, during your time with me at the Red Sea in Egypt, you will be spending 7 days in a luxurious resort at the Red Sea where you can recharge like in no other place with people you can trust.  This is an exclusive haven of natural luxury and relaxation fronting a private beech with beautiful golden sand and panoramic sea views.  You instantly feel at peace. 

...would love to learn more on breakthrough anti-ageing therapies you can do in the comfort of your own home so you can look and feel younger for longer. 


Awesome, at the Red Sea in Egypt, you will learn and experience innovative and  proven anti-ageing therapies that work including: working with high-tech space-technology to smoothen those wrinkles (you will get your own device); natural supplementation to optimise health; anti-inflammatory nutritious diets that work and grow a healthy gut microbiome; postural correction as well as invigorating breathing techniques that will all enable you to feel and look younger for longer.


...are dreaming of distant and exotic countries longing for your next adventure to one of the oldest advanced civilisations in this world?


Brace yourself, because this retreat in Egypt is the only one of its kind and will be the holiday of a lifetime.  Travel to the land where Hippocrates himself studied medicine.  Egypt boasts of spectacularly beautiful scenery ranging from sun, sea and sand to inspiring ancient monuments, vast deserts and world-famous coral reefs.  

Image by Mariam Soliman

So why should you join me now?  Because….


You have finally decided to listen to that little voice in your head that’s been shouting “Do something” and you know you deserve a treat.  


By the end of this retreat with it's bespoke inside-out and outside-in anti-ageing therapies coupled with exciting inner and outer adventures in the pristine nature at the Red Sea, you will have been given the tools to rejuvenate and live a healthy, radiant and motion-rich life for longer.


All this while you relax with newly made friends on golden sandy beaches, marvel at the wonderful marine life, cruise to nearby islands, do desert safaris, eat delicious foods and explore nature parks and the history of the ancient Egyptians.

There is no retreat like it on this planet.

Camel in Desert
Red sea coral reef landscape with corals and damsel fishes
Moevenpick Al Quseir
Dolphins over white sand in blue water during a snorkeling trip in the red sea
Aerial view_ Luxury Yachts in front of Tawila island in the Red Sea, Egypt

Ahh, the Egyptian Red Sea, now this is paradise.  It is one of my favorite places on this planet to relax and recharge.  I love it because of its warm and dry climate, clean air, wonderful food, outstanding hospitality and  pristine beaches and marine life. 


The people are generous and loving and will go out of their way to accommodate your every need.   Since ancient times Egyptian hospitality has been widely known.


When you wake up to clear blue skies every morning, there is no excuse for not taking a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea.  Marine life just flourishes there and so will you.  The famous Dolphin House is home to a group of wild bottlenose dolphins you can even play with.  


You will experience beautiful sunsets and witness large yellow moons and crystal clear skies.  Join me in the desert where all you hear is the sound of wind while you find the tranquility to reconnect with your body.  

Image by Nolan Krattinger

Why is the "Elixir of Life Retreat" at the Red Sea in Southern Egypt?

Wow, and where will we be staying?

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Moevenpick Al Quseir.png
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You will be staying at the beautiful Mövenpick Resort El Quseir which is seemingly part of the natural environment between sandy mountains and azure blue seas.  It is built in traditional Nubian and Islamic styles offering the highest comfort making you feel instantly at peace.  


The Moevenpick’s rooms are set in clusters of stone-clad bungalows with high domed ceilings in atmospheric style.  A beautiful private sandy beach and stunning coral reef tempt guests to explore the bays pristine underwater. The myriad of marine life inhabiting the resort’s own house reef amazes divers and snorkelers alike.


For those who are energetic, the resort offers an array of sporting and leisure activities. Enjoy quad biking in the desert or take a mountain bike tour at sundown, go horseback riding at the seashore or simply take a walk and experience the magnificent solitude of the desert.


The rooms are a little slice of heaven.  Sit back and relax on your own private balcony or terrace, taking a glimpse of the beautiful, still sea below. Marvel at the stunning decor, tastefully styled within Nubian splendour.  The room offers a choice of queen or twin beds with stylish bathrooms.  


There is wonderful relaxing atmosphere about this place that will make you want to return again and again and get you away from your desk or sofa. 

The Cuisine.........

Image by Luke Michael

I have been to many hotels and diving safaris over the past few years in Egypt and Egyptian cooks do not cease to amaze me.  I would say that they are some of the best in the world.  They offer a multitude of international and Middle Eastern dishes with a decorative Egyptian touch.


However, you will be eating especially prepared food following the guidelines and cooking recipes of a world renown physician to maximise mineral, vitamin and phytochemical absorption.  Expect delicious local cuisine ranging from salads, beans and legumes dishes as well as fresh fruit and nourishing smoothies.   The breakfast alone nourishes soul and body. 


For dinner your culinary sense will be delighted with scrumptious appetizers, salads and delicious international specialities.   We will also experience fine dining on the beach with a variety of delectable seafood dishes cooked on a charcoal grill right in front of you in a traditional Egyptian way.

Camel in Desert

To start with, no trip to the Red Sea would be complete without going on a cruise to one of the many spectacular islands off the coast. We may be lucky to spot the dolphins that swim around the islands playing along the coast. Spend the day soaking up the islands’ sunshine, swimming or exploring the underwater world has to offer...


Experience an exciting jeep safari through the desert and admire the breathtaking views and watch the beautiful sunset over the desert whilst enjoying dinner with the bedouins learning all about their nomadic lifestyles.  

Explore the Wadi El Gemal National Park, a desert area home to many rare and endangered animals such as dorca gazelles, Nubian Ibex, and wild African donkeys. In the wadi you can also see wild dromedary herds. You will also visit the historically important ruins, which date from Greco - Roman times.

I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be seeing yet, this all depends on your preferences, but the choice is yours!  And what a choice it is!  


And yup – don’t worry, you’ll also have some time to yourself when you may want to explore the resorts many activities ranging from golf play, quad biking, kayaking, snorkelling or diving, paddleboarding, table tennis or maybe just a more therapy in the resorts’ beautiful Spa. 


I strongly recommend you stay another 3-4 days to discover the spell-binding history of ancient Egypt in Luxor visiting the tombs of former pharaohs, admire the Colossi of Memnon, and explore the Karnak Temple. Or maybe even the Coptic monasteries hidden away in the eastern cliffs of the area. 

The Delights.........

Just explain to me in detail what the health-side and

anti-ageing side of the program is all about.........

Through my bespoke Elixir of Life program, you will be given the tools to feel and look younger for longer whilst optimising your health & immune system. You will put into practice and be able to pick my brains on how to look younger, slimmer and feel full of energy fast. The program includes:

  • Find Your Healing Frequency is about learning unique anti-ageing and cosmetic protocols using proven space-technology (biofeedback) devices that smoothen those wrinkles in your face whilst detoxing your body and relaxing you. 

  • Digest Yourself To Health aims to establish optimal gut function by developing that healthy gut microbiome, eliminating inflammatory food and teaching you to develop healthy life-long eating habits that promote longevity.

  • Rapid Recovery Movement  will align, rebalance and strengthen your musculoskeletal system to straighten those hunched backs and rounded shoulders.  We will do gentle exercises and stretches every day.

  • Mindful Breathing will deal with the ultimate life source: "Breathing".  You will learn empowering breathing techniques to maximise oxygen levels in your blood which will energize you and fight inflammation.

  • Lifetime Success Strategies is about helping you make those every day lifestyle changes, particularly in the kitchen and the home, so you can live a healthy long life and prevent disease. 


But this is not everything, we will also be exploring together the reasons behind longevity of people around the world including the importance of natural exercise, living in healthy environments, fun activities with friends and people you love, and a healthy nourishing diet.

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We will watch movies - fiction as well as documentary to further your understanding of what you have learned and experienced during day - that will give you purpose and inspire you to undertake those necessary life-style changes you have been putting on a back burner.

This unmissable retreat experience was specifically designed for YOU to combine the ultimate in proven anti-ageing therapies, relaxation

and exciting outdoor activities so you can lead a healthy,

radiant and motion-rich life for longer.

What's Included?

Image by Nolan Krattinger

What's Included?

  • Pre-trip rejuvenation and "Elixir of Life" consultation

  • Our welcome party with music and hors d’oeuvres, so we all get to know each other

  • 5 x 90 min lessons working with the latest space technology devices learning 40 anti-ageing and immune & energy boosting protocols incl. lymphatic drainage

  • 1 x Scenar device with electrodes

  • 5 x postural alignment and fitness group sessions with Susanne & Mustafa Al-Turk

  • 1 x personal training development plan by Mustafa Al-Turk

  • 5 x deep-dive educational diet, food and growing a healthy gut microbiome  sessions with lots of juicy retreat conversations all week

  • 1 x biofeedback scanning for pathogens & toxicity

  • 7 x supplements to detox, restore and replenish your body

  • 2 x therapeutic massages or facials

  • Unlimited spa experience 

  • Unlimted access to house reef

  • 7 nights boutique accommodation at the Moevenpick Al-Quseir

  • 7 delicious breakfasts and light lunches

  • 6 scrumptious dinners 

  • 3 half-day activities with the group 

  • Entrance fees to any sites we visit together

  • 3 movie nights and group discussions

  • Our scrumptious Farewell Dinner

  • There will be three airport pickups on day one and three airport drop off’s on day eight included (we can arrange pickup at an extra charge if you arrive at an odd time).

  • Total cost: $6,750 USD.

  • 2nd person sharing a room will get 35% discount. 


What’s Not-Included:

  • Your round-trip airfare from home

  • Transportation by taxi to and from the activity of your choice on your free afternoons

  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, laundry, and bell-boys etc.

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance


  • Arrive into Hurghada Airport or Marsa Alam on given date, so we can pick you up and get you settled in before dinner

  • We’ll have three airport pick-ups on the date of arrival, but we can also help you arrange your own taxi to the hotel at your cost. Same situation going home.