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Health Assessments

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Our Health Assessments are for people who are experiencing chronic joint Pain or musculoskeletal pain and one or several of following symptoms:

  • Feel fatigued, run-down and catch frequent colds

  • Suffer from skin rashes, food intolerances or allergies 

  • Have digestive issues such as wind, bloating, constipation or IBS 

  • Struggle with weight maintenance

  • Have high sugar, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels and high blood pressure

  • Suffer from an auto-immune dysfunction such as Fibromyalgia, Chron's, Lupus and  Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Health Assessments can be done in our clinic or remotely.  We use 21st century FDA-approved functional medical bioresonance testing for our Health Assessments to optimise health in all types of clients whether they are  ill or suffering from pain or just wish to do some preventative work.

Our Health Assessment Package Includes:

  • Initial consultation with an in-depth
    discussion of 
    your health concerns &

  • In-clinic testing with a FDA-Approved
    functional medical bio-resonance device

  • A copy of the test results 

  • Final bespoke consultation, so you understand the results and understand the lifestyle changes you have to undertake to optimise your health.

  • 25-page bespoke health protocol including a 1-2 page summary with the key findings, recommended natural supplementation and a bespoke sustainable nutrient-rich diet to accelerate your healing process.  Please see below for more details.

In-Clinic Testing for Pathogens, Chemicals, Minerals & Vitamins

Using the SRT Bioscan - which is a FDA-approved functional medical device - you will be scanned for over 100s of stressors contributing to chronic inflammation including:

  • Chemicals & pesticides

  • Heavy metals

  • Plastics

  • Fungi, molds & yeast

  • Food additives

  • Pathogens (bacteria, parasites viruses)

  • Food intolerances

  • Radiation 

We also test for:

  • Anti-oxidants

  • Minerals

  • Vitamins

  • Enzymes

  • This is not an exclusive list 

  • You will get a copy of the SRT-Bioscan report.


We also encourage you to do blood testing with your general physician on fasting glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, thyroid, kidney and liver function and other tests available for free in the NHS.  

Supplementation & Diet

Based on the above report, you will get a 25 page bespoke health protocol with recommendations to natural supplements and a nutrient-rich diet using Dr Fuhrman's nutritarian approach to optimise your health.

Removal of toxins, allergens, parasites, bad bacteria and fungus to get rid of the toxic burden on the body that can cause widespread inflammation and chronic disease.


Replenishing the body with key vitamins and minerals enhanced through a nutrient-rich diet to optimise health for each unique individual.  We will develop a diet bespoke to you to optimise health or prevent illness.

Restoring the gut flora using pre- and probiotics to strengthen the gut lining. Evolving research states that changes in the gut microbiota have profound effects on inflammation, our nervous system, mental health and behaviours.


Repairing the body through a nutrient-rich diet and some natural suplementation with antioxidants and fatty acids to restore balance. This aims to reverse inflammation and optimise the immune system.


Rebalance hormones and mind using biofeedback technology, natural extracts and nutrition to restore overall hormonal balance. Sleep and stress issues will be dealt with too.

Functional Anatomy Assessment

Movement is key to stay healthy.  To help with mobility or pain issues we will also do a full functional anatomy assessment to ensure a balanced, functional musculoskeletal system. This is based on the Egoscue Method of Postural Alignment and includes:


  • Posture assessment to determine imbalances, dysfunctions and misalignments

  • Posture report outlining key misalignments and dysfunctions 

  • Exercise plan with link to videos to address imbalances, dysfunctions and misalignments.

  • The exercise plan will be totally bespoke to you and can vary from 20 - 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on how much time you have 

  • Many people who are unwell or suffering from chronic pain cannot imagine doing exercise, but please do not worry. You will only be given exercise and stretches that are right for you and suit your lifestyle & objectives. 

  • Please watch the video below.

We recognise the uniqueness of our clients and carefully guide and help them through their health journey to reach SUPERIOR HEALTH, whilst educating them with the motivation, knowledge and skills they need to live healthy, long and fulfilling lives.  This includes pain-elimination.


Health Assessments will take place Online or in:

Lily House

11 The Shrubberies
George Lane
South Woodford
London E18 1BD

Investment (£500 / $650 USD)

Next Steps

After the health assessment you can then either:


  • Visit us at our clinic in London and get face-to-face therapy (usually 6 sessions).  More information available upon request, please get in touch via email.

  • Sign on to our online health coaching webinar Superior Health in a Digital World program (18 sessions incl. supplements & biofeedback device).  More information available upon request, please get in touch via email.​

Each coaching or therapy session whether online or face-to-face lasts for around 1.5 hours.


Please watch the introductory Masterclass:

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