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"Chilax in the Land of Fire & Ice"
26 February - 4th March 2023

Imagine yourself relaxing in hot thermal springs and being served delicious Tapas surrounded by snow, volcanic rock, and steam.  You are in awe, feeling total relaxation and a sense of true happiness and wellbeing flowing through your entire body. 


It’s the last day of an amazing and exciting week in Iceland – the magical land of Fire and Ice - where you experienced and learned new things that will inspire you for years to come.  Something feels different....

You can sense becoming more balanced and strengthened and some of your chronic pain issues may already have improved.   In your mind, you are planning all the activities you will be doing over the next year.  


You feel incredibly energized, the past week’s outdoor activities and Iceland’s uplifting and rejuvenating volcanic energy filled you with radiant vitality. 

You joke and share stories with newly made friends, sharing your adventures from your snowmobiling across Glaciers, exploring of dormant volcanos and visiting magical waterfalls and spouting geysers while tasting the best of Iceland’s cuisine and culture. 

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Egoscue, Pain Relief, Yoga Retreat

 Taking Action Towards A Radiant, Pain-Free And Motion Rich Life

Do you love being active, but suffer from chronic pain, have movement issues

and are finally ready to lead a pain-free, healthy and motion rich life? 

Then join Susanne for a fun-packed, adventurous and

pampering holiday of a lifetime in Iceland.

Yes…indeed, the Retreat in Iceland, let me put you in the picture.  It is the ULTIMATE place to spend 6 wondrous days if you …

Can’t wait to become pain-free and more active again practicing your favourite activities with the same passion like when you were younger? 

Gear up then to embrace a unique postural alignment, fitness and strengthening program used by many athletes, golfers, and coaches in the US to become and remain pain-free and live your life to the fullest.

Would love to get your flexibility back feeling younger for longer? 

Oh trust me, I know what you are talking about!  No worries, at the end of the retreat, you will be able to do stretches you think were impossible while improving your muscle strength and tone at the same time. 


Would love to learn more about breakthrough research & technology on pain relief and diets to optimise your health? 

Awesome, in Iceland, you will learn and experience high-tech biofeedback technology that will give you instant pain-relief, detox your body.  You will also earn to eat and cook in a way that fights inflammation to keep you pain-free till old age.


Are dreaming of distant countries longing for your next adventure to a wild and wonderful destination with raw and natural appeal? 

Brace yourself, because this retreat in Iceland is unique, it is the holiday of a lifetime in a rare and exciting beauty.  You will be floating your pain away in mineral-rich thermal baths surrounded by volcanic rock, go snowmobiling across glaciers and visit ice caves and powerful waterfalls.  This is the country where the Games of Thrones was filmed.

Yoga Retreat, Spa Break, Iceland
Yoga Retreat, Spa Break, Iceland
Yoga Retreat, Spa Break, Iceland
Yoga Retreat, Spa Break, Iceland

So why should you join me now?  Because….

"By the end of this retreat with it's unique and customised chronic pain-relief program coupled with exciting inner and outer adventures in the land of Fire and Ice, you will have been given the tools to lead a pain-free, healthy and motion rich life.  All this while you relax in hot thermal springs with newly made friends with whom you enjoy the flavors and textures of Iceland’s fresh local food, drink, music, and stories.”

Because it should be on anyone’s bucket list.  Iceland is amaaaazing.  I was just blown away by its untouched nature, beautiful landscape, fresh food, thermal springs, ever changing weather and culture. 


Iceland is a true feast for the senses including culinary surprises, yes you heard me right!  I just can’t get enough of its rare and wild nature while the restless volcanic activity fills you with exciting and positive energy. 


It is a land of myth and legends, and the diverse landscape from ice to green, volcanoes, and waterfalls is just breathtaking.  A trip to Iceland is a trip into natural art.

The mountains are made from rhyolite rock, and you feel like you are looking at multi-colored glass made of white, pink, grey and purple hues.  Stunning! 


And I mustn’t forget, Iceland’s many thermal springs, they just seem to be everywhere, so make sure you bring a few swimsuits along.  


The famous Blue and Sky Lagoons are truly spectacular and romantic, blue water surrounded by black volcanic rock covered in snow, and lit up by soft romantic underwater dimmer lights.   A dip in the water will be refreshing and healing to your skin and spirits. 

Why the land of Fire & Ice to maximise and recover your health and vitality? 

Wow, and where will we be staying?