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Health Assessments

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

We use ground breaking 21st high-tech bioresonance testing with up-to-date evidence based research to optimise health in all types of clients whether they are

healthy, ill or suffering from pain.

Who are the health assessments for?

We recognise that each client is unique and carefully guide and help them through their health journey to reach SUPERIOR HEALTH, whilst educating them with the motivation, knowledge and skills they need to live pain-free, radiant and motion-rich lives for longer.

Our Health Assessment Package Includes:

  • Initial consultation with an in-depth discussion of your health concerns & history

  • In-clinic testing with a FDA-approved functional medical bio-resonance device, a copy of the Bio-resonance report and a 1 page summary of the main findings

  • Supplementation and diet including nutritional changes

  • Functional Anatomy assessment with posture report and exercise plan

  • A biofeedback treatment with Scenar or Rife

  • Final bespoke consultation so you understand the results and understand the lifestyle changes you have to undertake to optimise your health

Click here to find out more and watch the above video to see how some of the testing is done!

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