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Super Immunity For Life, Private Consultation


Learn to Boost Your Body's Defenses to Live a Longer, Stronger & Disease Free Life


The body is a miraculous self-healing machine when you supply it with an optimal nutritional environment and reduce exposure to toxins. We can supercharge our immune sytem to protect our bodies against disease ranging from the common cold, flue and even cancer.  


Nutritonal science has made phenomenal strides  over the past 20 years.  And this information is being suppressed, people are being withheld the results of groundbreaking research.  As tempting as it may be to blame genetics, the environment, cellular damage from poor eating habits we learned when we were younger, the truth is that diet will determine 90% how healthy and strong your immune system will be. 


Join Susanne for some unforgettable and life-changing information during 1 (one) immersive and interactive private consultation.  What she will teach is based on over 20,000 international research studies including the Nurses Health Study, The Physicians Study and The China Diet that followed people's lifestyles till they died, some for nearly 50 years.   This is FACTUAL & EVIDENCE BASED SCIENCE!


This 2 -3 hour private consultation is for anyone wishing to build their immunity FOR GOOD, learn to detox PROPERLY and lose some weight in the process.  Are you:

  • Feeling run down and are low in energy?
  • Catching frequent colds?
  • Suffering from chronic joint pain & headaches?
  • Having recurring digestive issues e.g. bloating, constipation, reflux and haemorrhoids?
  • Having difficulty sleeping at night?
  • Struggling to maintain a healthy weight; are you a healthy BMI?
  • Worrying a lot or even being mildly depressed?
  • Suffering from food intolerances, allergies and skin rashes?
  • Having an auto-immune condition such as Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis?
  • Suffering from a low sex drive or from erectile dysfunction?
Take and honest look at yourself and score your health between 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest, if it is below 9, then this Webinar is certainly for you.  This webinar is also for you, if you:
  • Want to minimise your risk of having a heart attack, strokes or diabetes.
  • Avoid brain fog and dementia, Alzheimers and Parkinsons in later life even if there is a genetic pre-disposition.
  • Dramatically reduce your chances of getting cancer, which works for 90% of people.
  • Age more slowly , live longer and maintain youthful vigour, intelligence and productivity well into your later years.


The webinar will cover following topics: 


  • The Western Dietary Disaster that is conquering the world
  • The shortcomings of Keto, Atkins, Paleo and the reasons why they will shorten your lifespan
  • The nutritional science behind Super Immunity
  • Superfoods for Super Immunity
  • Cruciferous disease fighters
  • The Micronutrient Revolution
  • What the food pyramid should really look like
  • Healthy carbs, fats and proteins
  • The importance of VEGAN Omega 3 fatty acids (most fish oil is rancid!)
  • Foods to eat liberally, eat in moderation or avoid entirely 
  • The nature & function of Antioxidants
  • Healthy bacteria & short chain fatty acids 
  • How to cook and prepare food to preserve nutrients
  • Isothyocyanates and the importance of blending, chewing and chopping
  • How to cook to avoid carcinogen build-up 
  • Getting rid of toxins in our food, water and homes
  • The lymphatic system our hidden detox pathway and how to strenghten it
  • Natural sustainable supplementation to boost immunity
  • 20 day meal plan, recipes and shopping list to supercharge your immune system  in 20 days
  • 20 day meal plan, recipes and shopping list to detox in 20 days
  • 20 day meal plan, recipes and shopping list to lose 10 pounds in 20 days
  • Specific handouts for seriously ill people such as people with tumours 
  • 1 x interactive private consultation with Susanne 
  • 4 x Handouts for detox, achieving Super Immunity & losing weight and anti-tumour Super Foods 
  • Link to recordings
  • £245 approx. $300 USD
  • A link to Zoom will be sent within 2 days after payment 


Clients have the opportunity to take up further individual coaching with Susanne to help with dietary and other lifestyle changes and stay on track. 


Preferable payment in Bitcoin.  Contact Susanne at


Also contact Susanne on above email address if you wish to make a bank transfer.

Super Immunity For Life - Live a Longer, Stronger & Disease-Free Life

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