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This latest high-tech Ozone generator allows you to get rid of pesticides on your fruit & vegetables including pathogens on meat.  It has 1 year guarantee.


What is an Ozonizer?


An ozonizer is a water and air purifier which uses ozone to kill bacteria and
filter out a wide range of contaminants.


An ozonizer is also known as an ozone generator produces ionized particles and creates ozone by charging the air with a burst of high negative voltage. 


How can I use an Ozonizer?


Ozone has long been used as a water sanitizer, and ozone-infused cold water is now
widely used by the food preparation industry to clean equipment and surfaces that
come in contact with food. This eliminates the need for sterilization with scalding
water or chlorine.


Ozone is said to be 50 percent more powerful and to act 3,000 times faster than
chlorine at 100 times the strength. If it works as well as advertised on bacteria such
as salmonella and E. coli, protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium and
viruses such as those that cause hepatitis, it should go a long way in the direction of
food safety.


How can I use an Ozoniser in the kitchen?


Put the food you want to clean into a bowl that comes with the machine, add tap
water and then hook the bowl up to the machine itself, which then infuses the water
with ozone. After a few minutes, the food supposedly should be 99.9 percent free of
bacteria and almost all pesticide residues.


This Ozoniser also comes with an air purifier and an automatic in-built timer for various foods including meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. This will make ozonising a lot simpler for you, all you need to do is to press a button.


You can also sterilise items with this ozoniser including baby milk bottles.  Many holistic dentists use it in their practice. 


  • Shipment is available to Australia, Europe, USA and Asia
  • Delivery is within 5 - 10 days once payment has been received.
  • The device has 1 year guarantee.
  • 2 devices only cost £125 GBP.  Get in touch if you would like to order 2.

Ozone Generator for Fruit, Vegetables, Fish & Meat

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