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When buying this product you will get 1 live session (1 hour) with Susanne showing you how to operate the device for maximum effectiveness.  


Please log into the Free Resources section to download the FREE INTRODUCTORY HANDBOOK!


SCENAR Sport D is the most capable model in the personal SCENAR devices family, and the 2021 edition has added new and updated functionality. It has all available functions and an LCD screen to show energy settings, mode settings and skin contact status, which make the device very easy to use and operate.


SCENAR Sport D is designed for home and family use to manage pain and speed up the recovery process from acute and chronic pain, sport injury and post-operative pain.


Power output can be fine tuned for comfort and stimulation requirement between 0-250, allowing the right level for the most sensitive skin and for those wishing to maximise impulse delivery.


The SCENAR Sport D supports four impulse Frequencies – 14Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz and 340Hz, suitable for treating degenerative processes (low frequencies) or inflammatory processes in acute state (high frequencies). This allows the user to select the most appropriate treatment setting for the phase of the painful condition.


The Amplitude Modulation feature in SCENAR Sport D is fixed to 3:1 and is very effective in the treatment of pain in muscles and ligaments.


The SCENAR Sport D also supports Frequency Modulation in the range of 30Hz to 120Hz. This setting is very popular in traditional Scenar therapy and even with the addition of the auto-modes, remains useful in creating change in stubborn conditions.


The SCENAR Sport D provides 2 screening modes: D1 which indicates activation level of points that you select, and the dynamic D2 mode which helps you find active areas while moving the device across the skin. Dose modes can also deliver an individual measured stimulation according to the body response to the impulse.


In addition, the SCENAR Sport D 2021 model incorporates two preset modes: P1 is intended for the treatment of any kind of acute situation – first aid. P1 has four automatically switched phases with the first phase being the newly refined bio-controlled feedback mode. P2 is intended for the treatment of chronic problems, and general regulation, and consists of three phases, with energy level changing each time. In both cases the phase times can be increased.


The SCENAR Sport D is the best initial investment you can make in Scenar technlogy as a home user or as a practitioner who wishes to explore the results before committing to a Scenar practice. It brings a lot of the latest Scenar innovations in an economical package. It can be used as a stand alone independent treatment tool, but is also complementary when used in combination with other treatment modalities.


The Scenar Sport D is compatible with pads and all other electrode attachments.


Scenar Sports D & 1 Free Training Session

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