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Coral and fish in the Red Sea.

Retreats 2022 - 2023

What Are The Retreats About?

Travel Adventures for People Ready to Lead a Healthy,
Radiant and Motion-Rich Life for Longer

They are certainly more than just a holiday, they are about:


>Experiencing and learning effective breakthrough therapies to boost your

mobility, vitality & longevity levels<

>Lots of pampering and sensorial therapy to soothe body and mind<


>Traveling to exciting and unspoilt places with a natural appeal<

>Having a laugh and enjoying yourself with like-minded people<

>Luxurious & stylish accommodation making you feel looked after and at peace<

>Exciting and fun activities tailored specifically to you<

>Returning home knowing exactly what steps you need to take so you can lead

a health, radiant and motion-rich life for longer<

Who Are The Retreats For?

Snorkeling in Red Sea
Waterfall in Azores

They are for people:

>Want to learn the skills to be autonomous and in control of their own health<

>Would love to work with breakthrough natural therapies that work<

>Are eager to boost their mobility, optimise their health and increase their longevity from the "Inside Out and Outside In"<

>Believe in pro-actively taking care of their health to live longer for better<

>Can commit to investing in their health financially and time-wise<

>Are coachable and open to learning new things<

Check out all destinations:

Snorkeling in Red Sea
Waterfall in Azores

What People Have Said About Me:

As a medical doctor and homeopath I decided to offer Scenar to my clients asked Susanne to develop me an entire wellness program and train my staff too.  Susanne is methodical, presents very clearly and above all knows her subject very well.  She is eager to have results and is emotionally connected

with the subject and her clients.  Following her health recommendations and protocols

I lowered my my sugar levels, lost 15 kg and effectively helped friends

overcome anxiety and sleep issues.  I can highly recommend Susanne.  

~ Dr Christos Hadjicostas

I found Susanne’s knowledge to be extensive, she definitely knows her staff.  Her treatments are

cutting edge and she show tremendous care for each and every client she takes on.  I have

no doubt in the treatment protocol or what she is doing. 

~ Dr :Alex :Reznansky (DDS)

I took the course with Susanne and I learned a great deal about the uses of Scenar which drastically improved certain ailments that I complained about from the onset of my sessions. The health protocols provided to me during this course allowed me to lose 35lbs in 60 days and as I continue to

utilize these protocols, I will reach my future goals. I highly recommend this program for

anyone who wants to improve their overall health in an alternative format.  

~ :Kevin :Mathis-El

Susanne made the healing and learning process very enjoyable and easy to do. We are grateful. Our lives have been enriched and our health has improved due to Susanne's work with us.  

~ Mary Galvin

I feel that Susanne's therapies have done what conventional medicine cannot do; re-balancing your

inner energies so that your body can start to heal itself again. I can only give Susanne

and her treatments my highest recommendation.

~ Jane Nielsen  

I was highly recommended to Susanne and found her to be extremely diligent, knowledgable, and helpful.  But, best of all what she has done for me has worked and I have already taken some of my family members to see her. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Susanne to anyone else. 

~ J Hawkins 

My Health Improved For The Better!  Susanne has a wealth of knowledge and experience in

the area of natural healing for the body in this digital era. She coached me step by step

on how to heal my body naturally. I discovered muscles in my body that were dormant,

but needed exercising. Pains in both legs and knees, bloating and hay fever simply

ebbed away. Many thanks to you Susanne, I actually got more than I bargained for,

you over delivered. Really appreciate all your help in my wellbeing.

~ :Frederick :of the Tagoe family, England  

About Me:

_DSC1483 copy_edited_edited.jpg

My name is Susanne Jager, and I am the founder of Digital Healing in the Digital World. 


Having had my own share of chronic pain and other illnesses, I am committed to helping people optimise their health so they can lead healthy, radiant and motion-rich lives for longer.


I have learned to acknowledge the uniqueness of each person and carefully lead my clients through their health journey while inspiring and educating them with the knowledge they need to achieve and maintain their optimal physical wellbeing levels.


I am driven by an innate curiosity and getting to the bottom of things and an enduring love affair with staying active and traveling.  By running worldwide health retreats, I can combine my passions and serve my clients all over the world! 


Some of my favorite things include: adventure holidays with my son, Scuba Diving, Sauna, going to the gym, Salsa music & dancing, Thai & Indian Curries, and going to the movies.

Fun & Little-Known Facts: I have dived with sharks at night at the Great Barrier Reef, used to be a white water kayaker, did gymnastics on horseback, speak 4 languages and have lived 10 years in Egypt.

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