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Client Success


When I started to see Susanne, I was suffering with a lot of pain in my left shoulder. Susanne really helped me internally and externally with a lot of things. I feel a lot stronger and healthier. I am really really pleased with the results I've achieved.

- Clive Lewis


I contacted Susanne’s because of my painful Tennis Elbow and generally feeling a little bit run down. It only took 4-5 weeks for the pain in my elbow to disappear and I also became a lot more energetic. My partner and I have started using the Scenar and Susanne’s health protocol on friends with great results. I have decided to buy a professional device and open up my own practice. I am very happy!

- :Alexandre :Gabriel


I am so thankful that I met Susanne in the Azores. I came with multiple health issues I was really struggling with. Susanne took me through a 5 days healing process that have completely changed my life. I am very thankful.

- :Darcy :Englert

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